The first “private management of public hospital” in Taiwan- Kaohsiung Municipal Gangshan Hospital

After Show-Chwan Hospital took over the private management of county Gangshan Hospital, the operation is gradually on the right track. We try to develop sympathetic feeling with local residents, rebuild the “commit, trust” relationship between the hospital and patients and become a guardian for health of Gangshan people. This is a good start as well as the beginning of Show-Chwan to undertake the important task in Gangshan area.

The background of Gangshan Hospital ROT

Before the takeover of Show-Chwan, County Gangshan Hospital had very few patients due to bad operation. The County Council had a lot of complaints about its losses over years while the county government must prepare huge budget to subsidize personnel fee of hospital every year. The county mayor Yu, Cheng-Hsien then thought very hard to improve the operational effect of public hospital. After discussions with team of county governments for several times, it was determined to operate the Gangshan Hospital via ROT model to save public funds, improve local public health as well as increase medical resources. With the support of county council, it had become the orientation of policy promotion.

The Show-Chwan Hospital was originated from Changhua. After establishing solid foundation in central Taiwan, it has extended services toward south and successfully taken over Tainan City Hospital. It was the first ROT city hospital with impressive operation attracting much attention. After Tainan City Hospital has gained good reputation, Show-Chwan acknowledged that Kaohsiung County Gangshan Hospital was going to adopt ROT, therefore it submitted the tender relying on its advantageous experiences and achievements in Tainan and was awarded as expected.

In year 2000, Show-Chwan acquired the operation of Gangshan Hospital via tender and formally got the new start of Gangshan Hospital after signing contract with county government.

The Brand New Look, Overturn the Image

The original Gangshan Hospital was bad in performance and was not remodeled over years. After Show-Chwan took over the operation, the look of hospital was totally changed and the general cleaning and remodeling was taken for several months with total expenditure around 100 million.

Show-Chwan had remodeled the simple and plain outlook of Gangshan Hospital to a classic, solid and magnificent Baroque style building with clean, bright interior space. The original glass of registration counter was removed, and the height of new one was reduced to increase the intimacy and be convenient to the direct inaction with public.

During the remodeling period, Show-Chwan also dispatched medical personnel to assist the opening of Gangshan in preliminary ROT period. The outpatient was not started until September that year (2000), and the hospitalization and surgery room businesses were operated successively. The opening ceremony was organized in January 2001, declaring the time of Gangshan Show-Chwan. In July of the same year, the emergency room, and hemodialysis center was further organized to get more completed services.

Cooperation, for better medical services

However to turn the image of Gangshan Hospital “:from negative to positive” and allow people be willing to seek for medical advice? In addition to the change of look, Show-Chwan especially established the consultation group and invited local community leaders to visit and understand the sincerity of Show-Chwan in term of developing relationship with local people. It gained favorable impression and identification of local people very soon. The hospital and patient relationship was turned from positive to trust and local people then fully support Gangshan Show-Chwan over 15 years.

To maintain good neighborhood relations, superintendent Chao, Chao-Chin has organized a goodwill group altogether with hospital colleagues to visit local clinics and hospitals in person. Just like the name “Ming-Ho” of president Mr. Huang of Show-Chwan, Show-Chwan holds the attitude “Open and Honest, Harmony Brings Wealth” to explain the purposes one by one. The Gangshan Show-Chwan Hospital with better equipment will be positioned at semi-open community hospital. It is hoped that people in the same industry may become the competitive and cooperative partners. If the surgery is necessary, the community physicians may borrow the hospital’s equipment for patient examination or surgery, while the patients may stay in the wards with care provided by the hospital. The examination reports of patients may be transmitted backward via computer to seek for the best interest of patients through cooperation to each other.

The innovative and human-based idea Attentive Innovation, Treat Patients as Family” is the basic operational idea of Show-Chwan system. However, Gangshan Show-Chwan has another innovative thought, that is, “Attentive Innovation on Basis of Human”.

“Attentive innovation” is the management idea of the hospital, because most people cannot tolerate mistake when there is medical dispute. However, it is actually uneasy to achieve “zero mistake”, therefore, the medical team must be focus on the treatment.

“Attentive” ── is a goal to achieve zero mistakes by advancing self-professional skills. The time is ever-changing, and the elimination is inevitable if one cannot follow “innovation” no matter from aspects of management or culture. Gangshan Show-Chwan encourages employees to participate in team study for pursuing progress altogether through interaction, communication and sharing to each other.

“Human base” is the service concept of the hospital. Many physical diseases are derived from mental factors. Therefore, the services of medical personnel should the physical, mental and spiritual care. They need to care patients frequently, talk to them and allow them to express their emotion. In addition to providing patients with soft care, the hospital need to treat employees with the same care.

Operational Philosophy

Follow the step of “Meiyo” for sustainable operation


Fulfill the idea of attentive innovation on the basis of human, building high quality community hospital


Be the best community hospital in southern Taiwan

Core value

Attentive innovation on the basis of human


Short term: reinforce proficiency, quality and services, becoming good local hospital Middle term: integrate medical resources, build up the community health Long term: create quality brand, become the benchmark hospital