The name “Show Chwan” was originated from President Huang’s commemoration of his late father. It represents an aspiration to show concern for the elderly, love the young ones, and care for everyone’s health. The public services of hospitals have stretched throughout the island in northern, central and southern regions to form a strong medical care system lineup. Currently, there are a total of more than 5,000 employees and over 3,500 sickbeds.

Show Chwan is a hand-in-hand “family” healthcare system with a current number of eight hospitals, including Taipei Show Chwan Hospital, Changhua Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, Chu Shang Show Chwan Hospital, the pioneer country-run private hospital of Tainan Municipal Hospital, the country’s first country-run private hospitals of Kaohsiung Municipal Gangshan Hospital, Changhua Jen Ho Hospital and Yuan Lin Ho’s Hospital.

For medical and healthcare, President Huang Min-Ho advocates the spirit of “Mayo Clinic” by establishing a “sound rural hospital” system, allowing even the people in remote areas to enjoy the quality and cordial medical care found in cosmopolitan.

Changhua Show Chwan Memorial Hospital
After graduated from National Taiwan University, Collage of Medicine, President Huang Min-Ho returned to serve at his hometown. He initially established Min-Ho Huang Clinic, and latter Show Chuan Memorial Hospital at Changhua City in 1980. Besides adhering to the purpose of “Dedication, Innovation, and Treating Patients like relatives,” and emphasizing medical technologies, new medical knowledge, medical instruments and equipment, Show Chwan will constantly innovate and progress, and carry forward the medical love deep into the country’s diplomatic ally - Nauru to express our loving spirit without borders.

Based in Changhua, the hospital also stresses international relationships to form sistership with Canada, the United States, Japan and other hospitals successively to develop international medical care, and improve the quality of medical care. The aim is to enhance a comprehensive and more professional national health system.

Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital
Inaugurated in 2006, it has completed a number of impossible tasks to subvert the traditional patterns and ideas of hospital by offering seven-star hotel services, and practicing state-of-the-art medical skills using world synchronizing medical equipment. Besides providing medical care, it has integrated all aspects in people’s lives, including clothing, food, housing, transport, education, recreation, arts, folk custom and campus health information, allowing sick patients to take rest and recuperate, and a place for the healthy people to relax and enhance health.

In 2008, it cooperated with French Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Centre (IRCAD) to set up “Asian Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Centre (AITS)” at Chang Bing Show Chwan Health Park, aiming to nurture first-class minimally invasive surgery talents in Asia.

Tainan Municipal Hospital
Entrusted by Tainan City Government in 1988 to take over Tainan Municipal Hospital that had been abandoned for six years then, it has become a pioneer country-run private hospital. Its dedication in management has won wide acclaim. In recent years, it has even committed to creating a healthy community, establishing the community blood pressure stations, organizing health education seminars and health screening to serve as a health guardian for Tainan residents.

Taipei Show Chwan Hospital
In response to the Department of Health’s policy to promote a joint clinic, Show Chwan Hospital co-founded “Taipei Show Chwan Joint Clinic,” and established the respiratory ward and Medical Beauty Department with a group of National Taiwan University’s renowned doctors in 1996 to provide professional and convenient medical services for the metropolitan area.

Chu Shang Show Chwan Hospital
The purpose of establishing Chu Shang Show Chwan Hospital in 1997 was to handle the public healthcare living at the remote areas of Chu Shang, Luku, Shueili, Jiji, etc. due an extremely lack of medical care at those areas then. During the 921 earthquake, it had played an important role in emergency rescuing.

Kaohsiung Municipal Gangshan Hospital
Entrusted by Kaohsiung County Government, it was founded in 2000 to become Taiwan’s first county-run private hospital. It gradually promoted the “medical community” in conjunction with community-based healthcare institutions to serve Gangshan residents. Its future service goal is to become an Endoscopic Surgery Center to establish its expertise and uniqueness.

Jen Ho Hospital
Show Chwan formed a strategic alliance with Jen Ho Hospital in Tianzhong Township, Changhua County in 2008. Located at a remote area, Jen Ho Hospital is stationed with excellent physicians under Show Chwan medical care system, and advanced medical equipment to implement sustainable benefit for the neighboring towns of nearly 100,000 folks.

Yuan Lin Ho's Hospital
Show Chwan tied up a strategic alliance with Ho’s Hospital at Yuan Lin Township, Changhua County in 2013. In addition to its existing original Internal, Surgical, Gynecology & Pediatric Departments, it was added with Orthopedics and Neurology outpatient services to implement sustainable benefit for eight neighboring towns of more than 300,000 forks.