Message of Superintendent – Gangshan Hospital Chao, Chao-Chin

Looking back the past, the medical connection between Gangshan Show-Chwan and community public from strange to familiar, from suspicious to trust has evidenced the value of Gangshan Show-Chwan toward local medical services. The hospital has honored outstanding awards of hospital accreditation for several times, showing the persistence and efforts of all staffs to medical quality. 15 years ago, it was our pleasure to provide services at Dagang mountain area. The warmth of fellow townsman is the power pushing us forward. “Medical service” is a merciful business, and we recognize that the mercy shall never be shaken as facing any hardship. We are merciful because we understand. We expect ourselves be the best community hospital in southern Taiwan. In addition to complete clinics, the hospital further introduces new type of instrument to improve medical quality. Aiming at the aging population in service area, we will develop fourth categories of integrated care; this first one is “digestive disease center” incorporating gastroenterology and gastrointestinal surgery; the second category is “three highs club” to service three highs and chronic metabolic syndrome”; the third category is “subacute care center” incorporating neurology and rehabilitation medicine; and fourth category “community health” care service to promote health and prevention works at communities. In respect of hardware, the barrier free space aiming at friendly medical environment for elderly is planned to become a local good hospital “full of humanistic care and service passion”.

Over 15 years, Gangshan Show-Chwan persists in passionate service and hopes to provide better medical treatment to public and communities without change of original intention in the future. With your trust and support in term of health protection, I believe that we definitely will go further and farer.