Message from the President Min-Ho Huang

Show Chwan has rolled on the great wheels of time to stride across the millennium and enter into a brand new era of 21st century. Looking back over the past years, I have adhered to my original intention of “serving the public with loving care” regardless of standing on the viewpoint of a physician or legislator. Every step I take is being impressed by my ancestral teaching to “always stay committed to ethics.” With steady steps, Show Chwan has gradually established branches throughout the island. Like “Mayo Clinic” in the United States, we intend to provide the small towns with large hospitals of international standard and bring back more perfect medical care and services to a wider public.

Chang Bin Medical Center has invested more than $10 billion to allow our research to put into practical uses and our competencies to meet with international standard. Meanwhile, our taking over and reconstruction of Tainan Municipal Hospital are arduous and full of hardships. After the completion of Tainan Hospital New Building that named as “Show Chwan Medical Building,” we have unconditionally donated it to Tainan City Government. This is no more than to allow Show Chwan to serve the community and its spirit of curing all illnesses to take root worldwide.

Some said it is a miracle that Show Chwan has achieved the scale of development it has today. However, this miracle is not created by a single person but through the accumulation of hard work and loving care of Show Chwan staff, as well as the belief and trust of our patients and their families.

The so-called caring patients with a parental heart and “treating patients like relatives” have been the spirit of my late father Mr. Show Chwan. Only by keeping this spirit alive can we hope to lead a meaningful life. It is this spirit that has kept me from committing the loving services, and allowing us to create miracles by seeing our job of serving patients as a sacred calling.

While welcoming the arrival of millennium, Show Chwan staff will continue to uphold the spirit of “staying committed to ethics,” and constantly seeking innovations, perfection and progress to provide services to a wider public. I hereby sincerely wish everybody happy and healthy.